The winners of the Public vote are

Audience Award


by Ayca Arbay fiction

This video reflects how I think we started regarding the world surrounding us through digital frames and how the digital world is now capable of giving voice to our thoughts and emotions.(…)

Millenium Award

Technology Will Set Us Free

by Emily Miller animation

My video is a narrative series of illustrations(with background music that I composed and performed) displaying how I think the progress made in coming years(by 2025) in the digital field will greatly benefit The Arts, Medicine and Society in general. (…)

The winners of the Jury selection are


LINKED - The app that can change the world!

by Quentin Concha

This video is a fictional idea of a mobile application project that allows you to talk with any biological element. LINKED wants you to realise that everything around you is living and simply giving you the ability to talk to your surroundings can change your vision forever.


Intermediary-free decentralised services which disrupt our future life-style

by Iuliia Shnai

This video represents changes in our life in 2025. Basically, already disruptive blockchain based technology implementation described in different services. The prime idea is that due to such technology, the value in the world will be distributed fairly.(…)


What will politics look like with social media?

by Yuki Naruoka

This video is a little about myself and perspective on what impact we could make in politics in 2025.

Thanks to all the entrants for making the contest a success!